Orapup FAQ

Can I order by phone?

Yes. Call 1-888-841-5286 (in the US) to speak with a customer service representative and order.

How many uses in a Lickies bottle?

The Orapup Lickies 2 ounce bottle is approximately 20 uses.

How do I buy more Lickies?

Visit www.orapup.com/lickies to purchase more Lickies.

How much are additional Lickies bottles?

Orapup Lickies: Oral Health start at $12 and decrease in price depending on the quantity you order (as low as $7.50 per bottle).

When will my Orapup arrive?

We want you to get your order as soon as possible, so we strive to ship your order within 1 business day.

Once it leaves our warehouse, it takes 3-7 days to arrive in the US.   If you are in some other great location it will take roughly 2-4 weeks.  A few far away locations take 6 weeks to arrive.

How often do you use the Orapup?

We recommend using your Orapup daily. However you may use it more or less depending on your own dog.

Can one Orapup be used on more than one dog?

If you are comfortable sharing your toothbrush with others feel free to let your dogs share one Orapup. However, to prevent spreading any disease among your dogs it is better to have an Orapup for each dog.

What are the ingredients in Orapup Flavor?

Brown rice syrup, natural flavors (beef and bacon), grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, peptizyme, papain, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate

Are the beef and bacon flavors natural or artificial?

Orapup Lickies Beef & Bacon Flavor made from natural flavors.

Is the Orapup Flavor Gluten free, MSG free, Vegetarian, Vegan?

Gluten Free: Yes. MSG Free: Yes. Vegetarian: No. Vegan: No.

What is the shelf life of the Orapup flavor?

The shelf life of the Orapup flavor is 1 year open or unopened.  The Lickies do not need to be refrigerated.

Are the bottles BPA Free?

Yes, the bottles and Orapup are BPA free.

Is the Orapup brush recyclable?

Yes. The Orapup brush is made of #4 and #5 plastics.

How do you clean the Orapup?

Orapup Lickies is water soluble, so you can simply rinse it off after each use with water. For a more thorough cleaning you can wash the Orapup in the dishwasher. We recommend you only put the Orapup on the top rack and do not use heated drying.

What do you mean by “Made in the USA”?

Orapup and Orapup Lickies are manufactured and assembled within a few miles of our Orem, Utah office.

What flavors does Orapup Lickies come in?

Orapup Lickies comes in 3 different flavors: Beef & Bacon, Cinnamon Chicken, and Cherry Chicken. These are all fortified for oral health and some have the additional benefits for skin & coat or joint health. Go to orapup.com/lickies to order.

Will I be able to purchase refills from my pet store?

We hope to be available in pet stores soon – but you can always order refills from our website. www.orapup.com/lickies.

Orapup for Cats?

The Orapup could definitely be used on your cat. The Beef & Bacon Flavor has been formulated for a dog’s taste, but your cat may like it as well. If they are not fond of it, you can try using a flavor they do like until we design a flavor tailored to cats.

Can Orabrush Tongue Foam be used on my dog?

WARNING: Orabrush Tongue Foam (for use with the HUMAN Orabrush) is not intended for use with your pet. Orabrush Tongue Foam contains xylitol (a natural sweetener), which can be harmful to some animals. If your pet consumes tongue foam, we recommend you contact your veterinarian immediately. Tongue Foam is NOT the same thing as the Lickies Oral Health product that comes with your Orapup. Lickies Oral Health is totally safe for pets.

Do you ship to my Country? How much does it cost?

We ship all over. Shipping in the US is free on some packages. Shipping to Canada and the UK is $5. Shipping everywhere else is $10.

How do I pick my colors?

Our basic starter pack sends you a random color. If you upgrade to the “Pick Your Colors” package you can pick your colors when you checkout.

What colors are available?

Sapphire Blue, Hot Pink, Blaze Orange, Midnight Black, Lime Green

How do I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order please click here.